Something Good #15

a bed frame, a dentist, a root canal

Hi, I'm Nina Iordanova and this is the 15th edition of Something Good, a newsletter filtered through my 🧠, 🖐, and ❤️. Coming your way every two weeks, I hope you find something good here.

I bought a new bed frame today.

I don’t know if there’s anything that makes you feel quite so inept as being a single person receiving a very large and heavy piece of furniture that you need to move into your apartment.

Luckily I did it with my feminine wiles, standing in front of the elevator with this 6 foot long, 90 lb box, uselessly pawing at it while sweating profusely from my forehead at how I was inconveniencing people who wanted to take the elevator, until somebody felt bad and helped me out.

Great success.

Assembling this is another problem for another day, but all I can say is that having a bed with a headboard makes me feel official.

An official what? I don’t know. An official Canadian? I literally only got it because it seemed like the more grown up option than the bed frame without the headboard.

I have never read in my bed in my life and I don’t know what the point of a headboard is if it’s not for sitting up against it, but it’s going to be my status symbol.

Once it’s assembled.

On feeling restless -

I feel like I’ve been pacing the corners of my life this week, waiting for something to happen.

Yes, work, I get it. It’s challenging but I understand the process of work and a job.

Yes, friends, family, seeing people, yes, going for walks, yes, grocery shopping and making dinner and drinking coffee.


Yes, I get how all these parts work.

But what’s next? What else is out there?

It makes me itch for my puppy to come. To be able to take care of and grow with this little life that’s going to demand so much. To learn with her, teach her, and go through the frustrations and challenges that I know will be there.

I originally signed her up (yes, pre-birth, I already have big plans) to stay with the breeder an extra two weeks so they could teach her the basics. Sit, stay, crate training, etc.

I don’t know if I’ve just gotten too hopped up on YouTube videos or what, but I’ve started to reconsider that. I know it’s a good idea, I know it makes sense, I know it will make my life easier. All those things are true.

But… I’m also okay with things not being easy, and going through the tough parts together.

We’ll see.

It also makes me restless to meet my guy.

I have this constant feeling like I have these sharp teeth and these sharp claws and everything I try to sink them into dissolves beneath them.

Do you ever have that feeling?

Restless. Restless restless.

On humour -

  1. I had a root canal this week and when it was done, I half-sang half-garbled “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” to my dentist from the numb side of my mouth and he laughed and said no one had done that before, which to me seems like a shamefully missed opportunity.

  2. A couple of years ago I had what would eventually turn out to be mono, but was very scary at the time. It took a few trips to the ER to figure that out, and my mom spent a lot of them crying because I had all the symptoms of meningitis and she thought I was going to die (like actually).

    I was pacing at a hot take per second each of those ER nights and I still don’t think I’ve ever been funnier.

In other news, I came back to Instagram this week! It was great to have 7 months off to do my own things, and it’s just as good to be back.

I think I’m much funnier there than I am here, and have lots of interactive polls for people to vote on. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Hope your week is full of sly smiles at things that only you find funny.

Warmly yours, 


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