Something Good is a newsletter designed for your 🧠, 🖐, and ❤️. 

Hi! My name is Nina Iordanova. I’m an actor-turned-startup-founder who’s creating better ways to bring people together over at Good People.

I care a lot about the ways in which we build a sense of belonging. Belonging to ourselves, to the people we spend our time with, and the places we choose to live.

I started writing Something Good as a way to share all the things that make me feel connected to the world around me.

I want to engage your mind, your heart, your hands, and leave you feeling like there's a special richness to the world that you can find here.

And that there are other people with you, asking the same questions you are, looking to live with the same level of intention.

And that you can find your place among them.

So I hope you enjoy, and that you find... something good here.